Business gym cracker

Business on the treadmill?

Recently I have been getting back into the routine of going to the gym. I am quite an “old hand” at the gym, but having been “injured” a while back I got out of the habit. Still, I am going well now and I am pleased how my fitness has returned quite rapidly.

What has this got to do with business? Well, it has a bit in that it got me thinking.

There is this guy I see quite often and you get to chat to familiar faces. He is pleasant and because he has coached me helpfully with the odd suggestion I am even prepared to overlook the Tottenham Hotspur shirt he quite often wears.

The other day he said to me after staggering off the treadmill “it never gets any easier does it?” Well, I suppose it doesn’t in terms of getting maximum fitness because for the hour or so we are in the gym we need to push ourselves. Otherwise either we never get as fit as we should be or we lose the best level of fitness we can attain.

A lot of people running small businesses work themselves full-tilt 100% all the time. I am all for commitment, but it strikes me that we train in the gym so that we can cope with any activity we have to do and we want to feel better. Maybe we want to stay lean or get lean. It is not because we live life at a constant high speed when we are not in the gym. We need time to ourselves to take stock and plan.

In business, if we work our fingers to the bone and it never gets any easier, we are not doing it right. We need to train ourselves to be more efficient and to delegate. Or we need to ask someone to train us so that we get better results without working so hard.

It’s not difficult. It just needs a bit of commitment to help ourselves and to put aside a little time to be better. Just like going to the gym.

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Playing at business

I don’t think I am unique in believing that I should take seriously every activity which I undertake. This is whether I do it for fun or for money. I don’t pretend to be an expert in my hobbies. I am going back to photography, which was always one of my favourite activities, and I intend go “retro” too in using my old cameras with those things you put in them called films. Remember those? But I have to be serious about this otherwise I am not going to get results, or not the results I want.

Most people go to the gym to get fit or stay fit. Most people work hard too, whatever age or physical condition they are in. Some people don’t go to the gym to be fit, though. They go for the social aspect. That is a need for many of course, and it’s fine as long as they understand that is why they are going.

Some gym customers think they are going to the gym to be fit, but actually don’t do anything. They may look nice in their latest gear (there is a fashion aspect to gym-frequenting, at least for some) but if you spend most of the time lying on an exercise mat with your friend texting on your phone and sharing photos, you are not going to achieve much. You are going through the motions by going to the gym, but you aren’t doing anything to achieve your object if that object is fitness.

Some people play at business.  Being in business is serious, though. We need to make money. You need to make money. That’s the point. It’s not something you can pick up and drop.

It is not always easy to keep focus. To keep our eye to the ball. That is to be the most efficient in doing what we do in the best way we can.

I enjoy helping clients see past the distractions to making their businesses work better and improving their profits.

Do you get distracted, or are you the fittest person in the business gym? How do you stay focussed?

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