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Self-inflicted damage

I have been doing business with someone introduced to me by a networking friend. I have been buying his services. Networking sites being what they are, this week LinkedIn prompted me to connect with him and at the same time … Continue reading

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Promoting your start-up business – Part 6 – Making business friends

  Most start-up businesses start with one person – you. You might have one or two part-time staff or subcontractors. However there is a danger of feeling rather lonely. After all, you have to make all the decisions, and while … Continue reading

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Job-seekers need to mind their Ps & Qs

I like LinkedIn. We can connect with all sorts of useful people with whom we can do business, and it is a very good reference for those seeking jobs. Life is tough in the job markets in North America and … Continue reading

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Closed and open networks in the 21st Century

Under orders Do you like being told what to do? As a small business owner, I don’t, and I don’t suppose you do either. To be honest, I never really have liked being told what to do. When I was … Continue reading

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Fifteen ways to get unfollowed and disconnected from my network

Or just not followed in the first place Tweet advertising the whole time Tweet other peoples quotations Tweet religious tracts Tweet political comments and unkind comments about politicians. Tweet every meal you have (occasional food comments or pictures of dishes … Continue reading

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How I tailor my business purchases and strategies to my needs

An alternative title to this post might be “How I run an introverted business in an extroverted way” since the two are inter-linked. My business is for the most part involved in dealing with tax issues. There is some flair … Continue reading

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