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Insuring your business future

Some businesses are unique to the individual. If you are a successful writer, then what the clients or readers are buying is you. There are other businesses which are all about the owner; for example, performers such as actors, artists, … Continue reading

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Mutual envy

Image via Wikipedia Many of us in business for ourselves feel we would be unemployable if we were asked to go to work for someone else. We enjoy the freedom of making our own decisions and being in charge. We … Continue reading

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Loss of status issues for the newly self-employed

I remember well what it was like to find myself without a job, not able to get one and with the prospect of “getting on my bike” and earning a living as a self-employed person. I had not planned to … Continue reading

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Why employment is the other side of the fence

I was talking recently to a senior manager of a major financial institution. She is by any measure a successful person, well paid and valued by her employer. She is a person whom one would describe as a serious IT … Continue reading

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Are we pre-conditioned for our working lives?

I was listening to a discussion on a news channel this morning in which there was a debate about the new British Coalition’s proposals to get unemployed people to where the work is by helping them re-locate, and how this … Continue reading

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