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Networking and raining on my parade

We have to accept that some networkers are very insecure. That would be because some people in general are insecure. There can be a problem at some events which allow more than one of the same type of business to … Continue reading

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Mass unfollowing on Twitter

I do not pretend to be the greatest expert on on-line social media, but I do have quite a lot of experience and I am a keen student. Twitter is a phenomenon I had not thought too much about a … Continue reading

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Enterprise and risk

I have been talking about risk recently in another context. I was a little dumbfounded yesterday when my Mum said she was told by a family member that she should not sign up to Facebook because there was a risk … Continue reading

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Business cards, letters and first impressions

A business card should say what the card owner can do for his clients for customers; in other words, not talk about the offering but what service or help the client gets. To put it in sales talk, tell us the benefits and not the features. Continue reading

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Being lucky!

I am pretty dependent on the technology working to keep my business running smoothly. I use many on-line services, paid-for and otherwise. For those who are computer-literate and can be flexible there should be a viable business (even if only providing a subsidiary income) using their talents or exploiting their knowledge in a hobby to go in a different direction. If you have experience in a market as a buyer, you can probably be a seller. Continue reading

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