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The Smart Aleck networker

Do you know that person at your networking meeting? The one with the loud voice, saying “Hey, look at me”? The one who is always telling everyone how great their business is as opposed to the competition? In fact, the … Continue reading

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On-line networking when you don’t see the wood for the trees

The numbers The other day I saw in my Twitter stream a conversation between two people I know moderately well, and like too. I don’t want to offend them if they read this, but one said she had increased her … Continue reading

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Did you miss the boat?

Don’t rue your luck Recently I have witnessed people publicly regretting that they did not manage to create a worldwide on-line network before Facebook appeared. Why didn’t their big idea grow the way Facebook did? The fact is that hard … Continue reading

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Move with the times!

I was writing the other day about the business directories not really delivering for many small businesses. One of the reason for that is that our customer and clients tend to look elsewhere for their services. Compared with even five … Continue reading

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