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Management should not involve dictatorship

Image via Wikipedia I have had my difficulties recently dealing with a Government department, HMRC. A current trend in an era of cuts is to sweep away those employees who are regarded as expensive, which means the loss of many … Continue reading

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Unemployment, qualifications and aptitude

On the local news on TV there was a feature from a seaside town about the high level of unemployment. One guy interviewed complained he couldn’t get a job despite being a qualified bricklayer, gym instructor and IT technician. Now … Continue reading

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Alliances and team players

Photo by LordNikon   I am a great believer in getting out and talking to other people in business. I go to networking meetings, I go to seminars and I am a member of several business groups where we may … Continue reading

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Confidence in our business strategy

    I have been writing recently about making assumptions about our business and our clients which may be unwarranted. In the business process, whether we are selling goods or services, we do need to understand those who may buy … Continue reading

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Being there – the secret of referral networking

I am back to one of my favourite subjects, but I make no apology. If you belong to referral networking group you have to turn up almost all the time. That’s how it works. You have to be seen, you … Continue reading

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Unwise business assumptions

Image via Wikipedia I remember when I was starting out in the workplace, I took a client file I had been working on to my immediate boss for review. I remember he picked on something I had done and asked … Continue reading

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Businesses should be careful what they say

Some PR material you see on-line and off-line is quite discouraging to the prospective client or customer. Continue reading

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Choosing a name for a small business

Image by bsterling via Flickr What’s in a name? I like to be able to relate to a business. I like to get a feeling for what it stands for and for the person behind it. I like any business … Continue reading

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