Alliances and team players

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I am a great believer in getting out and talking to other people in business. I go to networking meetings, I go to seminars and I am a member of several business groups where we may have an outside speaker. I am always willing to learn.

I also like to cooperate with others in marketing, which may be through networking or it may be through a particular initiative. One of the biggest frustrations in getting cooperative projects off the ground may be a lack of commitment from the start and down the line from people who say they want to be part of an exciting new idea. Either these people think that paying their money is enough, and it is up to other team members to do or the work, or they have a problem with paying to commit and be there when it counts.

I don’t know the answer to this. Part of the pleasure of running a business for me is having the money flow in, not just because money is a handy thing to have, but because it is an indication of success and achievement. Success is good for our egos and well-being. Are the uncommitted crowd people who have a lot money and are playing at running their businesses? Are they lazy? Should they be in business at all? Would they be better off having a job and being told what to do?

I believe in putting my money where my mouth is and being committed, because it is rewarding being a sometime team player; running one’s own business can sometimes be lonely. Should we not all be doers rather than just talking the talk?

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