Benefit from being the best

It is a great philosophy in business to strive to the be the best in our field, to go that bit further in what we do, and provide the best quality. That way we can stand out in drawing new business because our clients will, we hope, recommend us.

However, our clients can get used to our great service, and even though they remain very happy with what we do, they become complacent. They start to take us for granted in the way that they would do their shopping at Waitrose, or buy from a specialist baker or delicatessen. They expect top quality and get it, but forget that not every shop provides the same great service.

I think it does no harm to remind our clients and customers what a great service they get, and ask them to tell their friends. If we take a great pride in our service, we should be comfortable in asking for referrals and testimonials from our own patrons.

Do you ask for referrals? What do you think?

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