Customer service? What’s that?

Mother’s TV breaks down. Her daughter telephones the local store of an electrical chain to ask them to send someone to collect it and mend it. She asks that they move the TV from the bedroom and set it up so that Mother can still view in the living room. They say they probably can’t.

Non-technical daughter moves bedroom TV to living room herself and leaves note asking chain store person to connect it when collecting the other one. They come, two of them, disconnect and take defective TV without speaking to Mother. They ignore note and leave other TV unconnected. Mother, who no longer reads much due to short attention span and memory loss, is left with nothing to occupy her.

The following day daughter and son-in-law visit to find unconnected TV. More technical son-in-law plugs in aerial lead, connects to mains, depresses switch and television works perfectly. Time taken? About a minute.

Why did our chain store visitors not connect the TV? It could not have been ‘Elf and Safety surely because they must connect and disconnect equipment in people’s homes all the time. I cannot understand why a simple act of kindness was beyond these men, even if they are not instructed in customer service.

The chain will have no future business from us. It is another example of employees damaging the reputation of their business. What is going on?

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