Have we bred a dependent society?

As part of the election coverage Sky News ran an interview with an IT manager who had been out of work for fifteen months, The angle was to ask what he was looking for amongst the policies of the various parties to encourage him to vote, given that he was apparently a floating voter.

If you have read my posts over the last year or so (and thank you if you have) you will know that I tend to be somewhat unimpressed by those who expect everything on a plate – the “what’s in it for me?” brigade.

It is not that I do not have sympathy for the unemployed. After all I was forced to try out unemployment for myself. After spending a month or so in the gym trying to deal with my angst, I realised that I had to make something happen.

I assume that an IT Manager has some IT skills and is not one of the school which believes that the art of management is telling other people what to do. Surely after fifteen months he has rustled up some activity to make a few pennies to supplement his state benefits? Even if having some earnings reduced his benefits, surely for his own self-esteem he should be doing something to keep his hand in? One thing is certain; few people after a significant period of unemployment can expect to walk back into a job just like the one they used to have. The longer the unemployed do nothing, the more difficult it is to find work.

I had to get my hands dirty doing some things I hadn’t done for years, and a couple of things I had never dreamed I would have to do to earn some money.

I do not claim any virtue. In some situations we act out of necessity. Life is hard for many now, especially on the job front and for the unskilled in terms of options. If we have skills we can adapt, even perhaps drastically, there is no excuse for waiting for the world to come to us. We have to get on our bikes and go out into the world to earn some money.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Have we bred a dependent society?

  1. Morag says:

    I agree entirely. If we can’t be bothered to get off our backsides, even if only to enjoy our compulsory free time with sports activities or charitable work, we’re just going to look like lazy slobs. People have to use whatever opportunities are available to build their CV.

  2. Jon Stow says:

    Thanks, Morag. We cannot survive expecting work to be delivered on a plate. I appreciate that some people newly out of work have taken a blow to their self-esteem. It might be easy to get into a mindset sitting at home watching the TV or playing computer games, but the brain and the body need proper exercise.

    I suspect we are evangelists in this respect, but working for oneself and having a business is not only good brain exercise, but at least to me, much more fun than watching television, and one gets paid as well. As you suggest, when an opportunity comes up, if people still have a track record in work, they have a much better chance of getting more.

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