On-line personas and future job seekers

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Most of us who run our own businesses and have an on-line presence are very much aware of the need to stay professional. This means that we are careful with our language at all times including when talking to each other on Twitter and Facebook. I do have some friends, especially on Facebook who are not in business on their own account, but employees and to be fair to them they are pretty sensible. However, I have noticed that some of their friends on Facebook, who are not my friends or connections, are much less careful. I see bad language and some pretty stupid comments.

I am not a prude. I have been round the block, been down the pub, and travelled all over the country supporting a well-known football team, so I have heard everything. None of this bothers me.

I just wonder what is going to happen when some of these whose careless remarks are there for all to see on Facebook are looking for a job. People talk to other people, and it doesn’t matter if privacy controls are very tight, word will get out. Also, imagine a person who is foul-mouthed on-line or even criticises their boss is asked by that boss to add them on Facebook. Either they do so to avoid embarrassment or they ignore the request, and the boss cannot understand why. There is going to be a difficulty.

It is important for those who wish to work until retirement that they realise that more than ever, walls have ears, and especially in the digital age. Be sure your sins will find you out. You can be more sure than ever that they will.

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