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Ageism, realism and working life in the twenty-first century

Since I started my businesses I have ploughed the furrow which many others have to do or will in the future. Realistically, the bureaucratic burdens on employers and their prejudices over age will need them to be more interested in taking people on short-term ad hoc contracts where there is no long term commitment on either side. The current employment laws both on the HR side and in relation to tax do not match up. Continue reading

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Did you miss the boat?

Don’t rue your luck Recently I have witnessed people publicly regretting that they did not manage to create a worldwide on-line network before Facebook appeared. Why didn’t their big idea grow the way Facebook did? The fact is that hard … Continue reading

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Fifteen ways to get unfollowed and disconnected from my network

Or just not followed in the first place Tweet advertising the whole time Tweet other peoples quotations Tweet religious tracts Tweet political comments and unkind comments about politicians. Tweet every meal you have (occasional food comments or pictures of dishes … Continue reading

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The Daily Culture Shock

If we use social media in our marketing, we can easily get distracted by the latest fashion or the latest scare story. It can all get very confusing. You know what I think of Klout and its ilk. I think … Continue reading

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Giving our time to our loved ones and ourselves

The other day I talked about giving time, but it was not a lecture for anyone, but more of an observation as to how some do and some don’t. I work hard on my business mainly because I enjoy it … Continue reading

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Are you a leader and giver or a follower and taker?

Like many people who may read this, I am a great believer in face to face networking, by which I mean actually getting out to meet people. I run a business breakfast group, and I have been involved in running … Continue reading

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Why we need to give our colleagues and clients a lifeboat

Here’s a funny thing The other day I wrote about leaving our clients and prospects in the air by not getting back to them at holiday times. I had intended to follow this with a piece about longer periods of … Continue reading

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Why we should avoid giving our clients and prospects the holiday blues

We all need to have a holiday. Well, nearly all of us need one. If we have a small business it takes a certain amount of planning, just as it does to make sure we take leisure time during our … Continue reading

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How we can raise our credibility as a small business in the service sector

There are actions we can all take to gain the credibility we need. Continue reading

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