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Friendly telephone manner

You might have gathered from an earlier post that I had personal experience of running into trouble with an alleged rolling contract with the telecoms provider. I have now been advised that I have won my appeal to the OFTEL Ombudsman and the telephone company concerned has agreed to waive the penalty charge which they had sought to impose.

This just goes to show that persistence pays off if you stand up to these giants when they try to impose unfair charges, and especially when you have not agreed to their new contracts. You do have to put together your case well, though, and not to lose your temper when seemingly talking to people who are not listening.

In an act of generosity, I am not going to share with you the name of the telecoms company but will say that it is not BT.

Have you had this sort of trouble? What did you do?

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  1. A few times in the past I have had to go to the ombudsmen and have won. I find it frustrating as when I am in the wrong, I am wrong and I don’t try and blag it.

    So why can’t a bigger company admit to being wrong and just save themselves some money?

  2. Yes, Sarah, I wondered how much it cost them to cause me grief. What upset me was their calling in the debt collection agency before the alleged debt was even supposed to be due.

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