How can we hang on to a dream?

How can we hang on to a dream
How can it be the way it seems
How can we hang on to a dream

Musical themes

Songs help me relax and think and sometimes a line or a couplet will set me thinking more as you may have noticed recently. To have dreams in the sense of hopes and plans is something we all have and especially in business. We have objectives and targets and aspirations as to where we want to be in a year’s time, or five years or ten years.

The fact is that none of these things will happen if we do not have a detailed road map as to how to achieve it. Just working hard doesn’t necessarily do it. In fact the harder we work with our heads down, the less we plan, because we don’t have time. We need to work hard with clear vision and to have people or systems working for us so that we have time to think. Those people and systems are part of how we get what we want.

Our people

Of course the people who do work for us, whether employees or subcontractors also have their aspirations so we need to help them with theirs and they will help us with ours too. The more they like us, the more they will want to help us. That is the easiest way of managing people, the most-laid back, and as I have always found, the most effective. We will have a united team without having thought in terms of assembling one.


A new year is when people traditionally think about turning over new leaves and having new plans. I think we should always be reviewing and adjusting our strategies to meet our objectives, and of course having fun so that we can hang onto our dreams.

Oh, yes, here’s the song which is actually about lost love.

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