The sands of time

I believe in making the most of my time. Especially I like to have some time off when I don’t think about work. I might have some of my best ideas when I am not working, but that’s another story.

I have already mentioned that I subcontract some of the business that comes my way. It still has the care and attention it should because I manage it. My reputation is at stake, and I value my clients. It is just that I am expected to be able to provide services which are not profitable for me to do myself, or I am not very good at, or I just don’t like. So I ask trusted people to help me where we can all make a decent turn and deliver value for money. The work is done by people better at it than I, and by people who like doing it.

This leaves me with the stuff I like doing. Great! The trouble is that a lot of the stuff I like doing also doesn’t pay me well.

I was thinking about this reading a piece about solving a WordPress problem.  Now I love WordPress! I am not the best at it yet. I do try hard, but sometimes I can’t solve a problem if I don’t know what the problem is.

Hours can drift pass with software issues. I both know this from dealing with tax software issues waiting for “Support” and from my days years ago when I used to fiddle about with BASIC and DOS. It could be the middle of the night or even dawn before I surfaced. All a bit silly. I was good at DOS, though, when it used to matter.

Nowadays I not only do myself that which is really profitable and requires my high level of expertise and I enjoy. I discipline myself not to do the stuff I really enjoy but takes up too much time I haven’t got and which has a poor return.

So I defer to those who are good at WordPress and leave the difficult stuff to my expert.

But I am still learning, have my sandbox WordPress sites to play with in my leisure time, and when I am good enough, I won’t be wasting valuable time actually when doing more of it myself. I know my current limitations in this area. How do you stop yourself doing things someone else should be doing for you? Do you know what those things are?


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