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Rust Craft, circa 1950

Rust Craft, circa 1950 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a business blog, and I do not write much about family issues. Yet we cannot run a business easily without the support of our families and unless we are mostly happy. If we do not have these two essentials in place than we will struggle and our hard efforts in our work will be soul-destroying and destructive, rather than uplifting as they should be.

However, we cannot control all family matters and especially not when we have lost someone dear to us, as our family has done. That is why On Our Bikes has been quieter than usual, and also why my wife and I have not sent more than the few Christmas cards we wrote early on. It is a very sad time for us, and especially hard for my wife.

We need to think of our families and our special friends at this particular special time of Christmas, because they are the platform our lives are built on, including our businesses, and we need to give them our loving support, and benefit from theirs to us.

I do hope you all have a happy and peaceful time over Christmas and I wish everyone, including ourselves, a bright and successful 2013.

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