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Content in my niche

Free stuff?

I read in various places that content marketing doesn’t work for specialist businesses. I beg to differ.

I run a specialist business, which advises on tax.  In fact I have a niche within the tax business. I have a particular interest in property; that is real property.

I am told by others in my business and closely allied businesses types such as accountants that if we write articles giving away our knowledge for free then no one will come to us and pay for good advice. Yet, think about it. Don’t we all trawl the web for information on almost anything? The internet is the greatest tool for research that has ever existed. And yes, many people will take our stuff and try to use it. But they won’t use it in quite the right way without experience or with so much confidence as we would have.

Mind the traffic

Like every other business using content marketing I look at my web traffic pretty much daily. I notice how many hits I have on each article. That gives me an idea what is hot news and popular among the visitors.

I try to be very informative. Do you know what? I get business from writing my articles. For the time invested it is very well worth it, even though technical stuff takes a while to write because it has to be accurate. The same article or article theme brings business over and over again. That is because we gain trust by writing since potential clients can see we know what we are talking about.

Plenty for us

Never mind the visitors who come and take a little away from us. There is plenty to go round and no one can be an expert just by reading but without actual hands-on experience. Others will be happy to pay us for solid gold knowledge

If you need to know more about the power of content marketing, Heidi Cohen can tell you, and if you want to see a content marketing specialist in action, see The Sales Lion (not affiliate links).

I will just keep on dishing out the tips on my websites. What about you?

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