Corporate life and being the Captain of your own ship

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Mine when I want it and not when I'm told (Photo credit: Jon Stow)

What I miss about my old corporate life:

  • Having huge resources in terms of reference books.
  • Having camaraderie of quite a few colleagues in sharing a lunchtime meal and drink.
  • Not having to think about paying the business bills.
  • Having a known and reliable amount credited to my bank account each month.
  • Having all my CPD training paid for.
  • Enjoying a lavish Christmas party.
  • The buzz of the big city

Here is what I don’t miss:

  • The office politics.
  • The inflexible management structure.
  • The lack of communication from management (and it is easy if someone thinks about it).
  • Being judged by my (small firm) origins,and being under-rated.
  • The long commute and the delayed train journeys and the over-crowding.
  • That guy on the morning train who shaved with his Remington without regard to his fellow passengers. Yuk.

Here is what I like about running a business:

  • Having all those resources on-line and not in someone else’s books.
  • Making all the decisions.
  • Being responsible for my own destiny.
  • Not being judged except by myself.
  • Working hard but not too hard.
  • Taking time off to de-stress and relax when I want to.
  • Working with people I have chosen myself.

Lots of people never work for anyone but a big employer. Many are probably happy, but they are not really independent or always allowed to think for themselves. We small business owners are both independent and free thinkers, so be happy like me. Don’t you enjoy it too?

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