If a tree falls on your business…

Are you on top of your business finances, managing your cash flow, your sales takings ratio to money going out?

Are your orders coming in well? Are you attracting new business?

Do your staff have any issues? Are they happy? Have you asked them recently?

The strange thing is that some business owners are so focussed on the sharp end of their business, their enthusiasm and what drove them to start in the first place that they don’t realise when things are going wrong. It may be that the product is going out of fashion, or that someone else is selling a better one, or that that the whole marketplace has changed, or that they should be competing more on-line.

Because the product is fun, and the business is fun doesn’t mean that it is still successful. Just now and again, we, by which I mean you and I, need to check on the mechanics. Money makes the world go round, and money and our workers make our business wheels go round.

An extension of the Copenhagen interpretation in quantum physics suggests that if a tree falls in a forest it hasn’t really happened until someone notices (measures the event). Unfortunately your business and mine could fail without our noticing until it is too late, so we need to check regularly on the nuts and bolts of our businesses.

I don’t much like the Copenhagen interpretation in quantum mechanics and it certainly does not make sense when we could easily go bust without noticing if we take our eye of the ball.

Is your business safe from falling trees?

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