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For those who don’t know, Alltop is an article and blog aggregator, bringing in content from news stations, newspapers, magazines, on-line articles and blogs. Alltop was founded by the great Guy Kawasaki. And now it includes On Our Bikes.

To get the best explanation of what Alltop is and what it can do for you, just let Alltop tell you.  Watch the video. You can see not only how it works from a user point of view, but how you can apply to have your own website listed and your feed included.

From the point of view of On Our Bikes, I hope the listing will stimulate a lot of traffic, and of course traffic means business either directly or indirectly through recommendation.

I feel very honoured and privileged that Alltop has included Bikes in the Small Business section. To be honest, I had almost forgotten about applying, and certainly had not expected to be listed, because I don’t suppose they have just anyone. Currently and understandably we are right at the bottom, but we are now wearing the badge with pride on the right of the blog.

I like Alltop. You don’t just have to scan through all the vast amount of feeds all the time. You can select your favourites for regular visits and browse and add new topics when you have the time.

Why don’t you try it if you haven’t already?

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