Your customers’ sense of belonging


A friendly place

A smiling face

I had occasion to go into my local bank branch yesterday. As I walked to the service till, the cashier (teller) said with a smile “Good morning, Mr. Stow”. How did that make me feel? Well, immediately it wasn’t just a simple transaction. The service was personal because the lady had recognised me and remembered my name. I felt wanted. Whatever I say about my bank and banks in general, which can be quite a lot, I had a sense of belonging and a reinforcement of loyalty to my local bank’s staff.


Just cheap

We can all learn from that, or at least be reminded that an individual or personalised service at whatever level helps us to keep our clients and customers. Of course it depends on the business you are in. Both in retail and in services, some people just want the cheapest they can get, regardless of the service, so they will look for the lowest priced option without any brand loyalty. They buy the cheapest washing powder or the cheapest services.

In business services we might see the offer to complete a tax return for as little as £50, or $80. You don’t get much for your money and you do not get any advice as to whether you are claiming the right allowances and deductions. What you get is a cheap production line product without a guarantee except that they produce the tax return according to your instructions.

Cheap and value for money

Of course one can get a more rounded product with a good service which would also be cheap in terms of being a very reasonable price for the service provided, but that would cost a bit more. You get what you pay for. Then you would probably have some customer loyalty. If you are really happy with what you get including advice and support you will recommend the provider and stay with them.


At whatever level it is important to talk to our clients and customers individually, and to remember their particular issues. It makes them feel valued, wanted and belonging as I do in my local bank and as people did in that bar where everyone knew their name.

Don’t you believe in the personal touch?

And remember this?

Customer service and that nice warm feeling

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