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The cost of “fr*e”

We all know that supermarkets are clever in their labelling, trying to make us think we see bargains where there are not. “Only £1 today” might be a special offer or it might be the usual price, or they might … Continue reading

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“You do not have a problem”

Someone called to ask my advice because he was worried about a perceived problem to do with tax. This gave rise to a dilemma all professional services business owners have to deal with now and again. The caller thought he … Continue reading

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Do not lie to your prospects

Being straight with your clients is essential as we all know. Being honest as to whether we can help new enquirers is also vital. When we start in business there is a temptation to try to grab every customer who … Continue reading

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Learning from the great writers

There are those who believe the on-line marketers who offer us the opportunity of a large regular income for four hours work a week. The rest of us know that being successful and earning serious money involve hard work. We … Continue reading

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Just trying to keep my customers satisfied

Paul Simon wrote a song with the title of this post. You and I know that if our customers are not satisfied they will take their business elsewhere, so it is important that we keep them happy. Do our employees, … Continue reading

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Monday, Monday, so good to me

The Mamas and The Papas sang: “Monday Monday, so good to me, Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be” It seems the rest of their Monday did not work out so well, but I look forward to … Continue reading

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Keeping the business engine running

A personal note Life has not been simple at On Our Bikes Towers the past few weeks. We planned a holiday, and then my wife was taken ill the day before we went away and she ended up in hospital. … Continue reading

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