Are you really giving your customers what they want?

26 Feb 12 upload 024 (2)If you have had clients or customers for a long time, do you still know what they expect of you? Have you asked asked them recently?

The trouble is that it is easy to assume we know what they want. It is rather like those relatives who give you those ghastly socks or that awful tie at Christmas, or that CD by a band you really cannot stand which someone thinks is “your era”.

You really wish Auntie had asked you what you would like.

It is similar in business. Just because we think we are familiar with our customers we may forget to ask them what they need right now. Their requirements might have changed, just as you might have liked those silly slippers twenty years ago, but would never wear them now.

Call all your loyal customers. Ask them how they are, how they feel about your service, and what they want right now. Then deliver. Otherwise they may go away.

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