Kindness in business

Blog pix 21 March 11 006It is part of some businesses to be kind, such as when you have lost a loved one. This is the last time I will talk about it, but everyone was so kind in guiding and helping is when we were under such emotional pressure. Although it didn’t make everything right because nothing could, kindness made the situation less painful than it could have been.

Kindness and consideration are so important in business anyway. When we are service providers, we can make our customers so much happier by being kind and considerate than if we just deliver a process. It is best to hold our client’s hand and lead them through, and make sure they are happy when we have finished our task.

Although a very much briefer process, service with a smile over a shop counter makes us want to go back again and again, and a sullen begrudging service makes us as customers shy away from a business.

Being kind never did any harm, and it provides pleasure to the givers. They would be us, wouldn’t they?

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