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Yesterday I reported on Twitter a power supply unit failure in my office important computer-server. By the time I tweeted about the mishap my usual computer repair shop down the road had already repaired the machine and had installed a new PSU within the hour. I was a happy bunny. Great service!

However, it did not stop one of my Twitter followers, one with just the egg for an avatar, messaging me to up-sell me to their cloud systems so that I could not lose my data; as if I do not back up all my data to the cloud anyway.

Worse still, they then look up my telephone number on my website and call to press home their attempted sale.

So here is a little lesson in networking as I see it (and of course you may differ):

  • Never sell to me either via social media or face-to-face networking.
  • Try to get to know me.
  • Talk about your business in a non-salesy way and earn my trust and
  • you may get a referral or
  • I may value you enough to give you my business, but only if you never sell to me.

I never buy anything on-line or over the telephone unless I initiate the contact because I have made a buying decision. I bet you don’t either. Do you?

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