Should we buy really cheap services?


Professionally checked out?

Professionally checked out?

In the course of our business we are receive all sorts of offers. We get mail-shots through our letter boxes, we get emails and we receive telephone calls. Many of the offers sound very tempting, but do we know what we might get for the little money we are asked to pay?

Now some very professional businesses offer “cheap” services. What they mean by that is that they give a professional service provided by professional people within agreed fee levels, and clients know in advance what they are getting and paying for. If they decide they want more they can “upgrade”. That is fine. In fact it is an excellent business model.

However some business people look for what they think is the cheapest option without worrying whether those whom they might engage know what they are doing, and without considering their experience and qualifications.

The other day I was asked whether I knew anyone who could do property conveyancing very cheaply. Now many of us, myself included, are good at filling in forms, but only in our particular area of expertise. Would I know what I was doing if I had a go? No, I would not. But how would anyone know whether an unqualified cheap “bucket-shop” conveyancer was capable of asking the right questions and doing the job? Search me!

It reminds me of those people who buy a house or flat and do not have a proper survey, or they rely on the mortgage lender’s valuation survey report. The latter will not point out serious defects to the property which are in urgent need of repair; all it will say is whether the property is worth the money being lent to the applicant.

The point is that if you want a job done properly you must expect to pay a business suitably qualified professionally or by experience, and one that is properly insured as well. Do not be afraid to ask about their professional indemnity insurance.

After all, if you are let down, or something goes wrong, or maybe you buy a property that turns out to be falling down, you need proper recourse to recover your lost money. Better still, you need your work to be done properly in the first place, don’t you?

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