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Call me old-fashioned?

Well, you can call me old-fashioned, but I do not spend all day and all night fiddling with my smartphone. I have a business to run. OK, a phone is invaluable for keeping up with what is going on. I … Continue reading

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Politics, social media and small business. Yikes!

Here in the UK we have had a steamy time, and I do not mean the weather. There have been huge political debates adding heat to a very poor summer. All that is fine in news programmes, documentaries and in … Continue reading

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Self-inflicted damage

I have been doing business with someone introduced to me by a networking friend. I have been buying his services. Networking sites being what they are, this week LinkedIn prompted me to connect with him and at the same time … Continue reading

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The simple things

Four of us went out for Sunday lunch. We chose an Inn which had changed ownership recently. We wanted to try it again as our last experience there had not been satisfactory. The menu was a short one this time. … Continue reading

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