Kindness and indifference in the supermarket

Last week in our local Co-op I dropped my walking stick when paying at the check-out. The cheerful young lady rushed round to pick it up for me. I was a little embarrassed but thanked her. She was very considerate of someone she perceived as an older pensioner, though I do not think of myself as such.

Yesterday at the same check-out a sullen young man served me probably of the same age as the young lady. He did not look at me, did not speak to me and just grabbed my payment card to shove in the card reader when it appeared it did not want to work contactless. He probably thought I was a stupid old pensioner.

I am sure the young lady was of a naturally sunny disposition, but I did wonder whether the Co-op train their staff to deal with customers because yesterday’s lad could certainly do with some lessons. A bad attitude puts customers off and certainly will not help any business.

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