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Death and life getting in the way

It is over four years since I posted on On Our Bikes. Why the hiatus, or maybe that word is not enough to convey the long interval? Never mind. After the last post in July 2017 things just happened. My … Continue reading

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Social media gaming and business reputation

I care about my business reputation. Of course it is up to you what you think about my tweets and my Facebook posts, but I can assure you they are all authentic and deliberate. Everything everywhere which is under my … Continue reading

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Playing at business

I don’t think I am unique in believing that I should take seriously every activity which I undertake. This is whether I do it for fun or for money. I don’t pretend to be an expert in my hobbies. I … Continue reading

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Never mind the quality?

Image via Wikipedia I love being in business, and not being an employee and part of someone else’s business. Many of you have heard that from me before. Just the same it is not all plain sailing and that is … Continue reading

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Unemployment, qualifications and aptitude

On the local news on TV there was a feature from a seaside town about the high level of unemployment. One guy interviewed complained he couldn’t get a job despite being a qualified bricklayer, gym instructor and IT technician. Now … Continue reading

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Unwise business assumptions

Image via Wikipedia I remember when I was starting out in the workplace, I took a client file I had been working on to my immediate boss for review. I remember he picked on something I had done and asked … Continue reading

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Partnering with others and maintaining standards

Since I have been running my own businesses I have been fortunate or perhaps just sufficiently prudent to choose the right subcontractors and joint venture partners. Continue reading

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Online reputations again

Imagine you have spent a long time building your on-line reputation. You have spent years talking to people, befriending them, helping them and building trust. Your network has become a source of advocacy for your character and your business. You … Continue reading

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How I tailor my business purchases and strategies to my needs

An alternative title to this post might be “How I run an introverted business in an extroverted way” since the two are inter-linked. My business is for the most part involved in dealing with tax issues. There is some flair … Continue reading

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Economists with the truth

I went to an interesting meeting last night. Two out of the three speakers were economists. It is often said that there are as many opinions of economic issues as there are economists. There were two opinions of the economy … Continue reading

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