Why we need to be courageous in business

Sometimes we need to be brave in business. A week or so ago I wrote about how we sometimes need to show courage in our business and take some hard decisions.

We all have fears of the unknown, of measures we have not taken before. Sometimes we need to spend a little money as an investment to take our businesses forward. It is hard in this environment to spend money on the unknown, so the answer must be to spend it with experts in their field about whom we have heard good things. Then we will have more certainty that advice and services we buy in will be effective and increase our revenue stream and perhaps reduce our costs. The need is to increase our margins.

I woke up the other morning determined to take action, and indeed I have by asking for an outside opinion on what I am doing; taking my own advice. I am taking my own medicine as promised and ignoring the voices at the back with their shrill warnings.

A more illustrious commentator than I is recommending we all take the plunge and I was pleased to see that I am in good company.

Spring is coming in the Northern Hemisphere. It is time for a clean out to make our businesses spick and span. If you live south of the equator you can probably find another reason to launch yourself into action.