Hitting the spot and pulling the heartstrings

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We all need to give our clients and customers a compelling reason to buy from us. We have to be different from the rest and match exactly what our prospects think they need.

Match.com has a great advert which exactly expresses the need, and if I were in the market I would be at the head of the queue.

Why? Because:

  • If you are young and lonely, the ad is utterly romantic, every boy and girl’s dream of meeting the perfect partner.
  • If you are an oldie like me, it recalls what we once were. My crowd wanted to be like Bob Dylan or Joan Baez or Paul Simon or Joni Mitchell. We went to music shops and messed around with acoustic guitars and bought sheet music of our favourite singers’ songs.

Emotion is what drove us and emotion is what drives sales.

This is the short UK version of the ad. I un-mute the TV when this one comes on. There are longer variations if you browse, but just enjoy…

Click for ad… Match.com

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Why some people don’t want help

When we are out networking we tend to offer our help where we think it’s needed. I don’t mean by trying to sell; most of us know better than that. However generally we try to connect people, to make suggestions, to offer an introduction if we see that person’s business might have a synergy with another. We will not be turned down. Even if the suggestion does not come to fruition, most open networkers will give it a go.

It is difficult to switch off our general helpful natures, and if we meet business people who are not experienced networkers, or in our leisure time, we will still offer help where we can. As networkers we tend to know more people, so we are in a position to do so; we ourselves may even be able to help.

The strange thing is that sometimes we will just be turned down flat. Some people will not want their territory invaded; many people are private, both about their business and their personal lives.

We do not need our enthusiasm to get in the way and stop us feeling their emotion. We need to learn to back off and let them deal with their affairs in their own way, and we must not take it personally. It may be their loss, but it takes all sorts. We must respect their wishes.

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