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Burying the bad news

Google is being required by the European Court to allow individuals to request that certain personal information about them will; not be found in a search. This does not mean that if you already know the web address where such … Continue reading

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Taking our business lives seriously

Playing at business You may think the title states the obvious, but some people don’t use their heads. They take short cuts in their work, such as the carpenter who does a quick botch job, or they take long holidays … Continue reading

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Fifteen ways to get unfollowed and disconnected from my network

Or just not followed in the first place Tweet advertising the whole time Tweet other peoples quotations Tweet religious tracts Tweet political comments and unkind comments about politicians. Tweet every meal you have (occasional food comments or pictures of dishes … Continue reading

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Why employment is the other side of the fence

I was talking recently to a senior manager of a major financial institution. She is by any measure a successful person, well paid and valued by her employer. She is a person whom one would describe as a serious IT … Continue reading

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Managing our online reputation – a personal view

This is a popular subject for bloggers, and we know that our online reputation is important, but somehow human nature seems to mean that many of us are as casual about it as with our offline reputation. Most of us … Continue reading

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