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Taking time off from your small business

We all need a break. We know that. Sometimes we let ourselves be tied to the mill. In the early days when we started, we learned that businesses do not run themselves. It might have seemed that the more we … Continue reading

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Enjoy yourself

Reflections Isn’t it great to be happy? We cannot be happy all the time. Life can be difficult. We have family pressures and worries. We have business pressures too. No one has ever run a business where everything went right. … Continue reading

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Cut off from the world

I have arrangements to make sure that all important matters are dealt with in my absence, my phones are answered and there is really nothing that should go wrong. Continue reading

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Why we should avoid giving our clients and prospects the holiday blues

We all need to have a holiday. Well, nearly all of us need one. If we have a small business it takes a certain amount of planning, just as it does to make sure we take leisure time during our … Continue reading

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Business, red tape, regulation, the Nanny State and the Land of the Free

As most of we small business owners already know, in UK from 1st April 2009 all workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks paid holiday, which is 28 days for a worker on a five day week. This is very likely to be what breaks the camel’s back, though it is hardly a straw, but an additional heavy burden. Continue reading

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