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On-line networking when you don’t see the wood for the trees

The numbers The other day I saw in my Twitter stream a conversation between two people I know moderately well, and like too. I don’t want to offend them if they read this, but one said she had increased her … Continue reading

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Why we don’t need social media for business

Losing the plot? Well, we tend to forget that social media is (are) a means to an end. Or maybe it was just me. I can’t speak for you. Like lots of people I have embraced Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, signed … Continue reading

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Chasing the numbers or taking a gamble?

Having been networking on-line for quite a long time – eight years – I have quite a significant contact network out there. It is not the biggest network because I do not add people just to bolster my scores. I … Continue reading

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Losing touch with reality in social media

I have been away for a while taking a holiday, or if you prefer, a vacation. I really needed to step back and it was great to do so. Due to my actually having a rest from normal in-front-of-computer activities … Continue reading

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