The idea behind “On our bikes”

The title comes from an often misconstrued comment by Norman Tebbitt, the Conservative politician. He said in 1981 “I grew up in the ’30s with an unemployed father. He didn’t riot. He got on his bike and looked for work, and he kept looking ’til he found it.” There is more of the proper context here.

There are the natural entrepreneurs and there are the accidental ones, and I fell into the latter category, finding myself unexpectedly unemployed and unable to get a job with the accountancy world in recession following the collapse of Arthur Andersen.

I had to get on my bike and make a living to support my household and be a useful team player at home, and there are many who have had to do the same. Indeed with the economic crisis which started in 2007 there have been many job losses in both the service sector where I had been, and of course in manufacturing.

This blog is about everyone who has had to get on his or her bike to make some money, and for everyone thinking about it. For the latter group, don’t think too long. Decide where you want to be and go for it! On Our Bikes is the ongoing story of my personal Odyssey running a small business, and I hope you find it helpful in your journey.

Jon Stow