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My thanks to Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar died this week. He was described in a report in his local Dallas newspaper as a motivational speaker. Yes, he was that, but to most of us who have read his books he was the guy who taught … Continue reading

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Working for Godzilla

A couple of weeks ago I saw an interview on a news channel with a client of one of my former employers, which was a very large firm. This ex-client of mine who I believe is also an ex-client of … Continue reading

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Getting on the customer’s wavelength

Poor reception One of the most difficult obstacles I had when starting in business on my own was in persuading my prospects to listen to what I had to offer. Often they were just not tuned in to listen to … Continue reading

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How the other half lives – an observation in management

One can quite understand how having fought through the melee of public transport, it is difficult to switch off inconsiderate attitudes. It is possible to get people to be more relaxed though, and that is by being friendly with our co-workers. Continue reading

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