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Values and work-time

This past year has been very challenging due to family illness. Despite this it has been a successful year on the business front from my point of view. I have worked less due to the non-business commitments, but have still … Continue reading

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“Dutch auction” clients

Recently a prospect to whom I had quoted a fee in an email replied to that email after four months. She asked if I was still prepared to act for her. Naturally I said yes, and assumed she had accepted … Continue reading

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Running your own business down

So often I meet earnest business people who work hard and are not making money. So often it is because they undervalue themselves and what they do. They offer a great service, and if you asked their customers they would … Continue reading

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How much is a consultant worth?

Consultants and indeed anyone offering a service should think in terms of what value they can deliver to the client when making a proposal. How much better off will the client be at the end of the assignment or how much value going forward will the client benefit from? Continue reading

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Value Billing v Distress Billing

If I am going to compare value billing to what I mean by distress billing, I suppose I should define the first and tell you about the second. Value billing is charging a client based on the value of the … Continue reading

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